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HSE Policies

Drugs And Alcohol Policy

ADLAND shall conduct its business to ensure high standard of safety and concern for the environment. The abuse of drugs and alcohol can impair performance at work, and can be a serious threat to Health, Safety, Environment and Productivity.


Environment Policy And Programme

It is ADLAND policy: *To comply with the existing Environmental Laws and Regulations in Nigeria. * To develop and implement waste management plan * To increase commitment and promote environmental management awareness among company/contract personnel to achieve zero target incident. 

Emergency Action Plan

Purpose To establish Adland policy and procedures regarding management’s and employee’s response to various emergency situations. Overview The procedures cover the following topics: 1. Accident Reporting 2. Fire Reporting and Response 3. Evacuation 4. First Aid 5. Medical Emergency

Smoking Policy
There is growing evidence of links between smoking and serious health risks. More recently there has been an increasing awareness of the health risk to non-smokers through exposure to tobacco smoke, so called passive smokers.

Health Policy and Programme

ADLAND shall protect her personnel/contract staff from health hazards associated with work environment to achieve zero target incidents through the following: * Identification and elimination of health risk in work site and base offices

Waste Management

ADLAND mission is to promote, protect and preserve the environment and to demonstrate our commitment to ensuring a clean healthy environment, in course of our operations. It is therefore our policy. 

Competency Assurance Policy

ADLAND Management establishes HSE critical positions; assess HSE competence gaps for personnel in HSE critical positions and close competence gap if any by training. The competence Assurance policy aims to: determine the necessary level of knowledge and skills needed …